""We believe, that is, you and I, that education is not an expense. We believe it is an investment."
- Lyndon B. Johnson

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Scholarships offer alumni, parents, grandparents, alumni parents, alumni faculty and other friends of Union Catholic an opportunity to ensure that present and future students reap the lifetime rewards of the Union Catholic Experience. By establishing a scholarship or contributing to an existing scholarship fund, you can make the dream of a quality, faith-based education at UC a reality for qualified students.

There is a unique story behind every Union Catholic scholarship. UC's Principal and Director of Development work closely with scholarship founders to share that story with the UC Community. Together, we craft specific criteria that must be met for students to be eligible for a scholarship award. In this way, scholarship founders can be confident that their investment has the desired impact.

Endowed Scholarships

Through the establishment of and contributions to endowed scholarships, Union Catholic alumni, alumni parents, families and friends lay the groundwork upon which future generations of students will stand and succeed. An endowed scholarship is a powerful way to memorialize a deceased loved one or to honor a person or family with a lasting tribute.

A gift of $25,000 endows a scholarship fund, which will provide financial support for qualified students. The corpus of the gift remains intact while a portion of the interest earned each year provides tuition support for academically-eligible students in financial need. Endowed scholarship commitments can be fulfilled over a three to five-year period. Donors are encouraged to continue to grow the corpus so that larger or additional scholarships may be awarded. Smaller gifts may be directed to existing scholarship funds to strengthen their giving power.

The Elizabeth Ann Carolan Endowed Scholarship
Established in 2013 by the D'Antico and Carolan families, this scholarship honors the memory of Elizabeth Carolan, grandmother of Michael D'Antico '13. A woman of faith who made a lasting difference in the lives of her family and patients, this scholarship is awarded to two graduating seniors who demonstrate UC's core values and plan to attend a four-year nursing program or pursue a career in the medical field.

2015 Recipients - Tonna Obaze '15, Ellie Cheung '15
2014 Recipients - Andrea Mojica '14, Daniel Sheldon '15

The Dorothy Grzankowski Endowed Scholarship
Founded by Susan Bischoff, parent of James Bischoff '01, in memory of her mother, the Dorothy Grzankowski scholarship is awarded to a graduating senior who intends to pursue a degree in education, preferably elementary education.

2015 Recipient - Grace Gelcius '15
2014 Recipient - William Marsh '14
2013 Recipient - Kelly Springer '13
2012 Recipient - Molly Luppino '12

The Joseph Grzankowski Endowed Scholarship
This scholarship was founded in Joseph's memory by his daughter, Susan Bischoff, mother of James Bischoff '01. The scholarship is awarded to a graduating senior who intends to study at Rutgers University, where Joseph received his undergraduate and post graduate degrees.

2015 Recipient - Ellie Cheung '15
2014 Recipient - Brandon Stephen '14
2013 Recipient - Natasha Andre '13
2012 Recipient - Christian Fernandez '12

The Hall of Fame Endowed Scholarship Fund
The Hall of Fame Endowed Scholarship Fund was launched in 2015 to give Hall of Fame inductees a meaningful way to give back to Union Catholic. In recognition of the strong foundation that UC gave each inductee, all inductees are encouraged to make a donation to the newly-founded Scholarship Fund as a part of their annual giving to UC. In the future, this fund will help make the Union Catholic High School Experience a reality for deserving students with financial need.

The Sister Percylee Hart, RSM Endowed Scholarship Fund
Marking 35 years as Principal of Union Catholic, Sister Percylee Hart, RSM established an endowed scholarship fund in 2015 with the goal of, one day, providing scholarships to industrious students in financial need who seek UC's faith-filled environment and strive to become all God calls them to be in a community that encourages them to live their faith through service to others.

The Sister M. Eloise Claire Kays, RSM Endowed Scholarship
This fund was established in 2010 in memory of Sister Eloise, who passed away in 2009. Sister served the UC community as a freshman guidance counselor from 2000-2009. Through this scholarship, Sister's legacy lives on by providing a scholarship to a rising sophomore who exhibits compassion in interactions with schoolmates, family and community.

2015 Recipient - Gabrielle Welle '18
2014 Recipient - Kimmy Paltz '17

The Rocco Lettieri Endowed Scholarship
From Union Catholic's founding to its crossover into the third millennium, Mr. Lettieri, guided by his faith, enabled UC and its community to develop, change and grow into the strong Catholic high school it is today. Following his passing in 2013, this scholarship fund was established by Mr. Lettieri's family - wife Caroline and sons Michael '83 and Joseph '84 - to help make possible the unique Union Catholic high school experience for a deserving young person.

2015 Recipient - Caitlin Glynn '15
2014 Recipient - Anthony Colletti '14

The Nancy L. Occhipinti Endowed Scholarship
This endowed scholarship was founded in 2013 by Karen Occhipinti O'Keefe '80 and her sisters, Nancy Occhipinti Noe '81 and Lauren Occhipinti Koppel '84, in loving memory of their mother, Nancy, who exemplified UC's core values of community, compassion, honesty, respect and responsibility. The scholarship is awarded to a graduate of St. John the Apostle School, Clark, NJ who attends Union Catholic.

2015 Recipient - Patrick Hartnett '19
2014 Recipient - Lucas Cloppse '18
2013 Recipient - Stephanie Eastman '17

The Sister Regina Smith, RSM Endowed Scholarship
This scholarship was established in 2010 in memory of Sister Regina, who passed away in 2009. At Union Catholic from 1981 to 1994, Sister Regina served as Director of the Office of Institutional Development, responsible for recruitment, admissions and alumni relations. The scholarship is awarded to a rising senior who loves reading, writing and language and answers the call to service at UC, home or in the community.

2015 Recipient - Alice Polini '17
2014 Recipient - Elise Morano '15

The Sara J. Will Endowed Scholarship
This scholarship is in honor of Sara J. Will. She was the mother of five, a Catholic, a hard worker and very kind. Mrs. Will had a great respect for education. She considered it as the key to unlock all doors, the key which, regardless of circumstances, would enable her children to be a positive influence in their corner of the world. It is in this spirit that the Sara J. Will Endowed Scholarship is offered.

UC Academic and Faith Formation Dean Barbara Dellanno is also the daughter of Sara J. Will.

The first Sara J. Will Endowed Scholarship will be awarded in 2016.

Other Scholarships & Funds

Other scholarships are funded annually by donors and distributed in accordance with established criteria.

The Eldon Hammeke Scholarship
This scholarship was established in memory of Mr. Hammeke by his wife, Grace, and is supported by the Knights of Columbus Summit Council #783, of which Mr. Hammeke was an active member. The award is presented every year to one current freshman student and is renewable for the recipient's remaining years at Union Catholic.

2015 Recipient - Charlize Colon '19
2014 Recipient - Kevin Degnan '18
2013 Recipient - Katrina Springer '17
2012 Recipient - Nicholas Birritteri '16
2011 Recipient - Danielle Cusick '15
2010 Recipient - Arthur Wright IV '14
2009 Recipient - Brian Cautillo '13
2008 Recipient - David Schanz '12
2007 Recipient - Sarah Cunha '11
2006 Recipient - Robert Magella '10
2005 Recipient - Magan Mauro '09
2004 Recipient - Marissa Rondinone '08
2003 Recipient - Edward Sagendorf '07
2002 Recipient - Carlos da Costa '06
2001 Recipient - Dana Kinney '05
2000 Recipient - Justina Marcussen '04
1999 Recipient - Angela Guilliano '03

Joanne Federico Malloy '74 Memorial Scholarship
Joanne Federico Malloy, a member of the Union Catholic Class of 1974, was a dedicated nurse for 30 years. This scholarship was founded in 2011 by her fellow classmates to honor Joanne's commitment to the profession. The award is presented to one graduating senior who intends to study nursing and/or in the healthcare field.

2015 Recipient - Tonna Obaze '15
2014 Recipient - Jess Herren '14
2013 Recipient - Natasha Andre '13
2012 Recipient - Anna-Teresa Mutuc '12

The Michael Marotti Elevator Fund
This fund was established in 2004 to honor former teacher and Assistant Principal Michael Marotti, who served the students and community of UC from 1970 to 2003. Donations will be used for the construction of an elevator to complete one of Mr. Marotti's hopes for the school - full access for any student who wishes to attend Union Catholic.

It is UC's goal to construct an elevator in summer 2016.

Navin Brothers Food Service Scholarship
Established in memory of Mary Ellen Swinden, a Navin Bros. employee who worked at Union Catholic and passed away in the fall of 2008, this scholarship is awarded to UC students based on academic standing and extra-curricular involvement at UC.

2015 Recipients - Alexander Garcia '19, Melissa Lettieri '19, Corey Makowski '19, Mia Oliveri '19
2014 Recipients - Bryant Flores '15, Julia Bonavitacola '17, Magdalena Lyszczak '17, Moises Oliveri '17
2013 Recipients - Magdalena Lyszczak '17, Ryan Zych '17, Bryant Flores '15, Kristen O'Connor '16
2012 Recipients - Bailey Ramirez '16, Raymond Berry '16, Kristen Nugent '16, Nicolle Kott '16
2011 Recipients - Brittany Pelletieri '13, Nicolina Davidson '14, Shannon Streisel '12, Matthew Isidron '14
2009 Recipients - Thomas Kaluzny '10, Thomas Sagendorf '13
2008 Recipients - Caitlin Scherer '09, Jonathan Sagendorf '11, Douglas Courtot '11, Gabrielle Aquino '12

One-Room Schoolhouse Grant
This grant was given in 2014 by former faculty member Bruce Zehnle, who served Union Catholic from 1969 to 2003. This grant provides an annual scholarship to a UC student who travels to Spain, or to a UC graduate, who pursues a college degree in Spanish or Spanish Education.

2015 Recipient - Elise Morano '15

The Sandra Stagg Scholarship
This scholarship was founded in 2009 by the Stagg and Cocoziello families in memory of Sandra Stagg '83, who passed away in 1982. The student selected to receive the award demonstrates a commitment to academic achievement; his/her good citizenship and responsible behavior contribute to the UC Community in a positive manner. The scholarship is presented to one freshman each year and is renewable for the recipient's remaining three years at UC.

2015 Recipient - Susan Wojcik '18
2014 Recipient - Nicholas Tripodi '17
2013 Recipient - Allison McGee '16
2012 Recipient - Eryk Luczynski '15
2011 Recipient - Lila Majano '14
2010 Recipient - Arnold Majano '13
2009 Recipient - Juliette Monroy '12

The Johanna Wilk Memorial Scholarship
Johanna Wilk loved life and people. She was a devoted wife, mother, and grandmother, and loved children of all ages. A resident of Scotch Plains, she worked as a teacher's aide in a local middle school. She was a UC mom (her three children are UC alumni). She passed away suddenly in October 1985, in her mid-50's, due to complications of asthma. In her time on earth, she loved those who crossed her path and was always there to lend a helping hand, a shoulder to lean on, or a listening ear. She had a deep and abiding faith and respected people of all religions. She was fully human, and would not have wanted to be remembered as larger than life. She taught the true power of love by the way she lived. She taught by her example more than her words and strove to bring out the best in others. The goal of the Johanna Wilk Foundation is to keep her spirit alive and to recognize, honor, and foster a spirit similar to hers in its recipients. Its scholarships are part of Johanna Wilk's legacy and carry on her spirit of humanity. Two awards are available to Union Catholic graduating seniors exhibiting academic excellence and achievement, community service and financial need. The award seeks to support students who plan to dedicate their lives to improve the lives of others.

2015 Recipients - Eryk Luczynski '15 and Katherine Sheldon '15

For information about you can support Union Catholic's scholarship program, please contact Susan Dyckman, director of development & donor relations, at 908-889-1600, ext. 309 or